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We all have stories to tell...

Even if you don't know what kind of story you want to tell, you know how you want to tell it. Whether you like the crunch of combat, the dramatic highs and lows of developing relationships between characters, or the simple collection of coin for your hard work and toil - your story needs to be told.
That's where we come in: our sessions are built from the ground up to cater to our players' wants so we can tell a story together that you'll remember for years to come.

Being a Dungeon Master isn't just reading stat sheets and drawing up battle maps. It's being a voice actor, a narrator, an arbitrator, and a improvisor all at once, and being consistent in all of that until the story reaches it's beautiful conclusion.

Are you ready to start your next, best story? Then break out your character sheets and let's see where adventure takes you.

Discover The World
The Way You Want

  • Dungeons & Dragons (3,4,5 & PF2E)
  • Apocalypse World (Blades in the Dark, MASKS, Monster of the Week)
  • Shadowrun 5th Edition
  • Genesys & FFG Star Wars
  • FATE Core System
  • ... And more!

All of our games - whether campaigns,  one shots, or anything in between - are meant to be totally inclusive (as is our little discord community). We run games meant to be LGBTQ+ friendly, and anyone is welcome and encouraged to play with us no matter their ethnicity, gender, or sexual preferences.

  • Sexist, racist, or otherwise offensive remarks and opinions being espoused, or offensive behavior towards other players at any point will result in ejection with or without notice.
  • More generally, don't be a creep. Act responsibly.
  • If I, in any capacity, ever offend or make anyone uncomfortable, or don't handle an issue that arises in a way that you feel encourages your continued participation please let one of the GMs know.

The Real Experience


Just like traditional Pen and Paper style roleplaying, we utilize a variety of different resources for maps, tokens, dice - many of which are homemade by us!

On top of that, our campaigns have some 'living world' elements that keep things fresh even if you want to run through Curse of Strahd a third time.

Fully Digital

All our games are 100% digital, via platforms like Discord and Roll20! That doesn't mean you can't use your awesome personal dice collection, though! A functional, decent sounding computer microphone is required, but webcams are totally optional.

Homebrew or Official!


Because we take our duties as Dungeon Masters seriously, we didn't stop at just running modules. Click below to view all our offered homebrew and official modules - and keep an eye out for more storylines to come!

Click Here to view our Offered Campaigns!

Play YOUR game!


While most of our games utilize voice chat, we also offer text-only and Play-by-Post gaming as well! If you're a busy professional who just doesn't have the time to commit to a session every week, why not spread it out over a couple instead?

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Become a better DM!


More than anything I want to empower people to tell better stories and create more fun in their lives, so I also produce educational content and think pieces for aspiring Dungeon Masters. Take advantage of our years of expertise, wisdom, and all the mistakes we've made along the way!

Click here to see our articles and videos!

The Dungeon Masters

Dave / Teronism

I've been roleplaying for about 15+ years now and got started playing TTRPGs via Play-by-post forums, IRC, and the dreaded Yahoo Groups of yore shudders. I've been a professional DM for almost 3 years now, have run more than 15 campaigns to a fruitful ending and DM'd easily triple that number to varying durations.

I do my best to engage all of my players equally through games, and develop the story in a way that becomes personal to everyone involved so everyone continues to have fun, and hopefully the players take interest in the weird world I develop with them over time so that exploration is a two way street and not just a railroad I'm conducting on.


Exhumator was once a prince of a faraway kingdom, but he forsook his legacy and the crown he was destined to don in favor of taking up the creative arts. Cast out of his kingdom, he seeped himself deeply in a number of different labors and genres of art, many hailing from far away lands with names so instantly recognizable I won't patronize you to list them here.

Now, decades later, the prodigal son returns with a wealth of knowledge, an arsenal of new skills, and the accumulated knowledge of the Multiverse -- putting all these things to use as a most talented game master and narrator.

Besides his superb GMing abilities, he is the primary writer of the Dream DM's custom one-shots and campaign texts. Legends say he might even be a dragon in disguise.

This is the sort of D&D experience you hope for after listening to real-play podcasts.

Sean F.

The shared continuity between some of their campaigns is really cool; it always felt like I was part of the world I was playing in!


When I joined an on-going game and didn't enjoy it, the DM was super accomodating and actually set up a second game for me and my mates with a totally different tone. Really above and beyond!

James K.

Why tell stories?

Stories help us understand others and ourselves. We feel empathy with the characters we encounter in stories, and even more so the ones we have a hand in creating and seeing through their 'lives'.

Everyday events became stories to tell children, scribes and priests told stories of religious affairs, and leaders told heroic tales of their adventures. These stories have passed on through generations: some of them fill up history books, some are integral to culture, and some are embedded in family values.

We believe strongly that stories, especially told in a group, can be some of the most fun and powerful stories of all.

Hire your Dream DMs

Only question now is...
What are you waiting for?

Let us help you tell the story of your dreams!

Contact us with some description of your party size, the game style you're looking for, any module or theme/genre preferences, and days you're interested in playing! If you'd like to have a campaign or entire setting designed and written for your group or your personal use, let us know - we also make maps, NPC lists, and pantheons for our homebrew and customized settings!


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