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September 26, 2022

Ismark and Irena, the foundational NPCs of Curse of Strahd

For never was a story of more woe, than this of… Ismark and Ireena, the two characters who become linchpins to the plot of Curse of Strahd. Some parties might take pity upon the pair, others might come at odds with Ismark’s uncomfortable helplessness and Ireena’s fiery paranoia, but every party venturing into Barovia will eventually come to meet them.

  • "I have run 2 campaigns with them. One was Curse Of Strahd and the other is a homebrew world. I have also played a one shot with them. I think I have been playing with them for 2 years now. They are fun and always prepared. I always feel involved and I always feel invested in the whole party. They are also great at advice about gaming in general. They will always be my first pick when I am looking for a professional DM."
    Todd J.
  • "I'm on my second campaign with Teronism as our DM. Our group had so much fun in our first we started a second campaign. Teronism knows the rules very well, but he knows when "the rule of cool" should apply to drive a narrative or to add some fun elements in the game. He also knows when to throw a curve ball, or a combat when the party is itching for a fight - in short he is very good at game balance. Our games tend to be very story or RP driven which fits very well with our group as we tend to enjoy spending a lot of time talking amongst our characters. He's very good with rolling with silly shenanigans that may pop up from the party while still keeping the party on task and with the story. if you are looking for a narrative / story driven game I highly recommend this GM!"
  • "Teronism knows d&d. Not just the rules but the feeling, the theme, the point. He gets how to dm for a diverse group of people and help others feel included. The games are always fun, they never feel dead or boring or stuck. And it always feels like if you want to be creative or solve problems in a unique way, he'll rule of cool it and let it play out in a great way. This has easily been one of my favorite games I've played with a DM and I've got over 10 years of experience playing."
    Ryan R.
  • "If I had to describe them, it's fun and unexpected, in the best way. They will throw some fun curve balls that add upon the story and, at least with the group I'm with, has been a blast and really help to build the worldbuilding and characters that are in it. Our group like to get wacky, even when we don't intend it, and he responds very well (part of the reason my character is afraid of ducks now, haha). Overall, if you are looking to have fun and great story, if not sometime wacky, I'd say give them a shot. You and your character might be very surprised what you will find and the friends you will make along the way."
  • "Teronism is a fantastic DM. I was brand new to the D&D world and had reservations about role playing and knowing all the intricacies of the game. However, Teronism runs the adventures in such a cool laid back way that is very approachable and makes you feel engaged. Any questions that arise are handled patiently which I’ve always appreciated. He weaves amazing tales and also has an arsenal of voices for many characters which helps with the immersion into the story. Can’t recommend him highly enough for new players or seasoned adventurers."
    Jon V.
  • "They do a great job of allowing for player creativity and building a space for roleplaying. They have awesome plot ideas and have made every session/campaign unique, from Curse of Strahd to a homebrew."
    Morgen S.

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